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Box Rotonda Bathroom Light

Product Code: ROTONDA

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Brand: Federico de Majo

Category: Bathroom Lights

Availability: 4-6 Weeks

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Box Rotonda Bathroom Wall/Ceiling Light from Federico de Majo

Round wall and ceiling lamp with reflector of aluminium and thermoresistant translucient plastic anti-uv polycarbonatecomponent- holder - neutral, red, blue, orange, green, yellow - with sandblasted glass surface and stainless steel link with fastener. The lamp series BOX has a degree of protection IP44 and is ideally suited for humid environments, the base is made of polycarbonate, a material also resistant to chlorine, in fact, all the lights of the cars are produced with polycarbonate to prevent ‘attack of atmospheric agents such as acid rain chlorine-based, in this case the lamp BOX , as the lamp DRUM e ELBA are the most suitable for this type of environment, such as pools and humid environments.

Specifications here

Depth: 11 cm

Diameter: 32 cm

IP Rating: IP44

Materials and Finish : ● Plastic anti-UV Polycarbonate. Holder: Neutral, Red, Blue, Orange, Green or Yellow


FEDERICO de MAJO Bespoke Glass Lighting, a brand by Ai Lati, explores the beauty of forms, colors, and glass. Each piece is designed by Federico de Majo, a skilled Italian designer with over 30 years of experience working with glass, and his acute attention to detail and exquisite taste are seen through out his namesake collection.

The story of Federico de Majo has its beginnings in the family business on the island of Murano. It was here, in the mid-1970s, that he began, as did artistic glass in general. ...yet this job is hardship, sweat and tension. You can never get away, far from it; the group requires the everybodys continuous attention. But it is pure joy to be in furnace at dawn, to see the dance begin to the warm music of the glass pot, to be next to these jugglers, to share the desire to realize our thoughts. Thank you unknown artists, your glass is our happiness. -Federico de Majo.

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Box Rotonda Bathroom Light