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Guide to hanging lights over the kitchen bench


If you are looking to add lighting over your kitchen bench, you first need to find out how many light fixtures you should get, what size and how to hang them. 

To start with, it really depends on the length of your bench top. We are working, in the example below, with a standard length of 250cm.

Here we have selected a fixture, the Cadence from Feiss, which is 20cm wide.

The first thing you need to know is that the distance between the bottom of the pendant and the top of the island should be at least 80cm.

Secondly, the distance between each lights needs to be also at least 80cm apart. This rule will help you determined how many lights you should consider for your kitchen.

And lastly, to avoid clustering the space, give at least 15cm from the edge of the island to the side of your chosen pendant.

Here 250cm  -80cm - 80cm - 20cm - 20cm - 20cm = 30cm remaining = 15cm x 2 for each side.

If you need help in selecting the right fitting, please do not hesitate to contact us.